Trivia Kings

Play trivia and win cash, money or prizes! With the Trivia Kings app, you can play in categories such Sports, Entertainment, Geography, History, Animals and Current Events. New questions and categories will be continuously added. Playing Trivia Kings is a great way to have fun and gain knowledge!

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Vocal Train is a convenient application that consists of a vast library of scales and vocal exercises to support a singer train their voice so they can have more vocally agility, pitch perfection, and projection.

Scavenger Behavior

Do you love food trucks just as much as we do? With so many food trucks in each city around in the nation, it’s hard to tell when and where your food truck will be. Problem solved! Scavenger Behavior will help you find your food truck and even allow you to order your food ahead of time for pick up. How sweet is that!

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Copyright Law

Expand your knowledge into the world of Copyright Law! When you download the app, you will have access to a comprehensive outline of Copyright Law. You will obtain a complete and practical scholarly legal analysis of statutes, concepts and case law regarding copyright law in a straightforward outline format.

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Coinciding with the increase of food services offered outside of the realm of brick-n-mortar restaurants, Eatvo hopes to simplify the process of ensuring and supplying safe street food in an easy and reliable manner to the hungry masses.

Muscle Mechanics

The Muscle Mechanics app is a state-of-the-art app that provides people with work out videos in help get in shape. The app is custom built for users to plan out their work outs and diet to their custom needs. With the Muscle Mechanics app, you are sure to reach your fitness goals!

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Snap N’ Sell

Looking for a safe and easy way to sell your items? Look no further! Snap N’ Sell will help you sell your items in person hassle free without any fear of loosing your items or money to thieves.

Social Names

With Social Names, you can post on all of social media accounts with the click of a button, view all of your friends’ posts and where they posted to without any Ads, log onto all of your social media accounts from only one app, share all of your social media contacts with your friends, and much more!

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