Quality Legal Services

Working with App Makers LA is not a regular transaction, but rather, a partnership. Our team takes pride in providing legal services for your app and your business!

Services We Provide

Copyright Protection

With copyright protection, you will be able to protect everything from your source code to the digital look of your mobile app.

Patent Protection

Patent protection will allow you to safeguard your novel invention without others infringing on your rights.

Trademark Protection

By registering your app or business you will be able to secure the name to the exclusion of others.

Corporation Formation

Starting up a company? Our lawyers can help you figure out which type of corporation your business should register as.


You’re part of the team! Our lawyers are here to protect your app and get your business started.


Our lawyers are here to give you their honest opinion about your app and help it grow once it hits the market.


Who needs sleep? Our lawyers are always ready to work on your legal needs no matter what time it is.


Our lawyers here to make sure that your legal needs for your mobile app are met efficiently and effectively .

Our Lawyers

Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with the legal aspect to mobile application development. They know the ins and outs of how to protect your mobile application and how to get your business started!

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