4 App Features Ideal for Restaurant Orders

4 App Features Ideal for Restaurant Orders

Restaurant apps have positive features for both owners and customers. Owners can reach more customers without being glued to the phone, and customers can easily place orders with just the click of a button.

When you develop your restaurant app, you want an engaging experience that offers ease of use and a lot of ideal features to keep customers coming back again. Not only should your restaurant focus on serving great food, but customer ease of use is important as well.

Browse through four different app features to help with the growth and orders at your restaurant. By requesting these specific features, you can ensure your restaurant runs smoothly and has everything you need right out the gate.

1. Custom Options

From pizza to seafood, customers often have special requests when it comes to ordering food. The toppings, the way food is cooked, and the various side dishes are just a few of customization options.

Avoid order mistakes and wasted food by adding a lot of custom options to your restaurant app. Checkboxes next to orders help customers select the exact specifications for different meals. Add in a comment box for any additional requests you may not have thought of. Quick allergen information for each item will help inform customers about the food they order and any changes that might be needed.

Along with checkboxes, consider adding small images next to each option so customers have a better visual. For example, next to diced onions would be a picture of diced onions. Next to ketchup would be an image of a ketchup bottle. These small features make a difference in orders and accuracy. Once the order is placed, your restaurant receives all of the details in an easy-to-read format.

2. Order Updates

Once an order is placed, customers will be ready to head out and pick the items up. Restaurant wait times fluctuate on demand and create different times depending on the time of day and crowds inside.

An app provides order updates in real-time, which helps prevent disappointed customers. Once the order completes, customers receive a text notification so they know exactly when the food is ready. If there are delays, updates help give a new estimated time.

Not only do order updates help keep customers informed, but the use of the feature prevents too much congestion in your restaurant’s pick-up area.

3. Menu Media

With digital technology like an app, the way customers view your menu completely changes. Showcase pictures and videos of meals directly through the app. Visuals go a long way when presenting enticing meal options, and an interactive menu provides these in a new way.

For example, an app menu may feature text listings. When a customer taps an option, a new window may appear and showcase a short video or multiple pictures of the entrée. Using separate windows and quick popups helps the menu from being too cluttered.

4. Coupon Notifications

Reach customers directly and inform them of new promotions with direct notifications built into the app. Depending on the phone model, notifications may appear directly on lock screens and provide customers with information.

As coupons are selected, the savings can automatically apply within the app. Customers who pay through the app can receive the discounted deals, and the digital transactions help cut down lines and wait times from within the restaurant.

Along with coupons, the notification system may set up to showcase new meal specials, special hours, or other events your restaurant may host, such as pub trivia.

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