How important is Mobile App Design for App Development?

The answer is very simple: very much! You probably already knew this, but it may not be as conscious as you think it is. As a Los Angeles App Developer and as a Psychology undergraduate from UCLA, research in the past and current research on the relations of human behavior and technology are showing us that easy, clean and simple design is the way to go. You want to create an app that people will understand by just looking at a button with a picture. In your mobile app design, you do not want to have much text explaining what a button means or how to use the app. People do not want to put the extra effort and time to read to understand an app. They want to get on it and move forward with using it, especially if it is a great idea.

So how do you make an awesome mobile app design?

The best way to go forward with making a great, easy simple and understandable mobile app design is to contact your local Los Angeles App Developer or Designer who works for a company like App Makers LA. These guys have years of experience, have studied, and continue to study how designs are changing to become simpler and cleaner for the user experience. If you are not ready to go to a Los Angeles App Developer and want to make your own great mobile app design, you should definitely look at your favorite apps and see how they have been designed. You will see their simple quality and understand why you keep coming back onto the app to use it over and over again.

What apps do you believe have great mobile app designs?

As a local Los Angeles App Developer, the cleanest and most user-friendly mobile app designs I have see are Snapchat, Airbnb, Skype, Uber and Starbucks. I personally come back on these apps because the design is simple and the apps are easy to use.

How much does a Los Angeles App Developer charge to design a mobile app design?

Every company charges differently, but at App Makers LA we don’t have a separate cost for mobile app design. You will get an A to Z total app devlopment cost with the package our Los Angeles App Developers make for you. In the proposal you will see which percentage of your money goes to your mobile app design.

How should I start making my mobile app design?

Professionally speaking, I believe you should first start by hand drawing the screens. Before that, you definitely want to think about the flow of the app. You have to imagine what people will see when they first open up the app. Will they have to login before they use the screen or will they automatically see something? Will there be a social media login? What about after they login; what will they see on the home screen? All of these are things that you need to think about before you start creating the screens!

That said, if you need a local Los Angeles App Developer to help you with your mobile app design, feel free to contact us at (213) 797-0932 anytime!