First things first. You can do and be, whatever you want. Everybody has the opportunity to be as successful as they want. Whether that level of success is thousands of dollars, or billions, we are all capable. All of the rich and famous people in the world have the same brain as you, they bleed like you, they need to sleep like you, we are all one in the same. What sets them apart from the rest is the steps they took to grow and be successful. Here’s what it takes.   

1. Read…Read…and NEVER stop reading!

This is the most universal key to success that there is. I can guarantee that any person who has acquired some mass amounts of wealth is an avid reader. The theory is simple, if you want to achieve something, then you have to learn what it takes to be good at that. From books, you will learn not only facts, but experience. If you want to do something, chances are someone has already tried, failed, and told a tale about it in a book. Learn from these people, experience is priceless. There’s a book, article, or magazine for everything. I became an avid reader when I was trying to understand the in’s and out’s of mobile app technology. Take advantage of this resource, your local bookstore is literally a goldmine.

2. Make sure you’re helping a large amount of people

Once you find all the information you need in order to get the engine started, then you have to make sure you’re on the right road. Whenever you’re creating something in order to sell it, you have to make sure a large amount of people need it, not just want it. Your product should be so good that people literally cannot live without it. This separates the successful businesses from the rest.

3. Try to do something that hasn’t been done (Principles vs. Perspective)

When choosing a business to start, if you want to be the best, be the inventor. There is a lot of risk that comes with starting something new. In order for the best mobile app designs to be created, those successful apps had to start from scratch in order to create the best product. You will be criticized, you will be doubted, but without risk there will be no big reward. If you do anything that guarantees a profit, you are doing something ordinary, and no billionaire ever became successful by doing something ordinary. The difference between someone who takes risk to invent and someone who doesn’t is like the difference between a cook and a chef. To summarize a quote from Tim Urban, the chef thinks from principles, they start with raw ingredients that work as building blocks based off of experience. Meanwhile the cook thinks from perspective, they work off of some recipe and make some different version of a dish that is already out there. Which one are you?

4. Have a realistic plan for revenue  (logic vs. emotion)

Having some type of basic business plan is necessary if you want to make money. Now this doesn’t have to be some twenty page plan with graphs and projections, but you need something written on a piece of paper that explains how you will make profits. A lot of people might think, if the business is their passion then they don’t want to worry about the money because they love doing it and everything will just work out. It is great to pursue your passion, but I would do so as a hobby not a business. Here’s why, your passion is a burning desire to do something that you were born with, and is fueled by emotions. On the other hand, your business should be an interest you created, you can still have a passion for it but since this was a well thought out plan it will be fueled by logic rather than emotion in-turn assuring a better chance at success. When I was trying to create the best mobile app design, I created a passion for tech. This was not the passion I was born with, but it was created through a logical process.

5. Establish a network of friends that are trying to do something similar

Now that you have your idea and your business plan, when you’re just getting started, you want to surround yourself with people who are pursuing something in the same field of work as you. I cannot stress this enough, the only way your company will grow is if you grow with it. The quickest way of doing this is meeting and hanging out with people who have already or are pursuing success in the same field as you. This is the cheat code that every successful person has used.

6. Beat the clock

Time is working against you! Even if you aren’t looking out to create the best mobile app design, or implement the latest mobile app technology. These steps can help either way, no matter where your journey is taking you. Take advantage of every moment you have as if it were your last. Try to think of it like this, at the end of each day think back on how well you spent your time. If you can look back and say you spent your time efficiently in order to take you a step closer to your goal, then perfect! If not, then you need to re-evaluate your schedule to make it better. It is ok if you are working hard to make your business idea flawless, but remember to only do what needs to be done. Perfection can lead to procrastination, just start! If you jump into this process as fast as possible starting with small steps, it is proven that you will find your path to success.