Changing The Modern Day Diet

In today’s American diet, it is common to consume “Fruity Pebbles”, along with a glass of chocolate milk after awakening, to retrieve that energy we need to get kids through the day! In our eyes, we see no wrong doing in this common daily diet. The media has done a wonderful job at convincing us that certain foods are beneficial, when in reality they’re putting our health in great danger. We continue to provide our children with these damaging foods, mistaking them for “nourishment”, creating thousands of different diseases. Humans have evolved to eat the most assorted diet, but the American diet of today’s generation has grown to be deadly!

According to an online article on the, “Annual Deaths Attributable to Obesity in the United States”, statistics show that 280,000 adults in the United States die every year from obesity. “The typical American age 8 and older consumes an average of 4.2 commercially prepared meals per week”, according to a report by the National Restaurant Association. To make matters worse, the portion size of meals today are enough to fill two people.  As a result, obesity rates in the U.S are on the rise causing thousands of preventable deaths every year.

You might ask yourself, “What can be so life threatening about something as simple as food?” Well yes, temporarily we can get away with consuming these unhealthy foods on a daily basis, until one point our bodies simply cannot handle the toxins accumulated from these foods. When we reach this point, serious problems within the body occurs. Conventional foods that we consider part of a typical diet cause serious complications internally. For example, one common misconception made is the overuse of carbohydrates needed in our diet. One will normally have cereal or a peanut butter jelly sandwich for breakfast. For lunch, we will have pasta as a main dish with pieces of garlic bread on the side. These meals are misconstrued to be a “good source” of carbs. These cereals, pastas, and white breads are all starches. A diet high in starches can create an acidic environment in the body. When our bodies are too acidic, that is when diseases begin to grow within us. If you need any assistance in fitness technology, our team would love to help you with our app development services la.

Our goal is to sustain our bodies at an alkaline state. To achieve this, we must incorporate more greens and vegetables in our diet, which are alkaline forming foods. The amount of animal protein the typical American consumes on a daily basis and its negative effects must be brought to our attention. When we eat meat in excess, our bodies use all its energy towards digestion, causing us to feel tired and groggy all day. Digestion of animal protein produces many toxins in our bodies. Us humans were not designed to eat a great amount of animal protein due to our long intestinal tract. When we eat heavy meat it goes through our long intestine very slowly. Since it takes so long inside the hot environment in our body, the meat starts to rot, causing bacteria growth and toxins. These toxins then lead to impending diseases. Waste from animal products are suppose to pass through the body quickly, as it does in a carnivores body, such as a tiger or lion, their not suppose to hang around in our digestive tract all day! Therefore, we should avoid animal products or try to eat them in moderation as our bodies were not designed to digest such product.  The key to being our healthiest is to eat the way our bodies were designed, which is a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, and greens. For the best meal prepping technology feel free to discuss mobile app development los angeles with us!

In short, modern diet in America is gradually getting worse. The obesity rate is at its all time high causing thousands of deaths each year. There is a great variety of different diseases, most of them can be cured through a simple change of diet. Good news is, we can prevent all of this from happening, it all starts in your kitchen. Our generation needs to become more educated with real nutrition and should become more familiar with foods that must be restricted. Need help building a nutrition app for your company or brand? Looking for the right people for  fitness mobile app development los angeles; then look no further than App Makers LA, your one stop shop to all that is mobile app technology, web design, marketing, and start ups.