The New Age Part 1

The New Age Part 1

There is a general consensus one’s line of work is determined on the geolocation of their living environment. We can all be what ever we want when we grow up; but can you really make a comfortable living being a swim instructor in the northernmost point of Alaska? The answer is no.

Certainly there are more dependent factors which contribute to one’s profession, line of work, or career (we’ll call it career from now on) such as: education, experience, personality, intelligence, and the pure will to persevere. All of these factors including location play major roles in shaping one’s career, let alone their entire lifestyle.

There are some places where people have more opportunities to do what they want, such as metropolises that host hundred of thousands of people. Hundred of thousands of people that need somewhere to live, something to eat, drink, something to do for entertainment. More people equals more work. Work such as engineers, accountants, attorneys, doctors, cooks.

The following professions stated above are already well established in many parts of the world. But most importantly, the United States of America was founded on the the idea of entrepreneurship; involving a process of designing an institution which exploits limited resources and offers a product or service in exchange for monetary goods in the pursuit of profits.

With this in mind, everyone has the potential to make their American dream come true. Whether your dream is to design the next gizmo that makes cooking easier, or genetically modify a plant to grow in hostile environments in order to end world hunger. Something about the idea of having the potential to do all of this becomes very appealing. To become rich or famous, or even being able to leave this world knowing that you have left behind a legacy that enhanced the lives of many others.

Not only does location play a contributing factor in deciding someone’s career, but the generation they were brought up in and decide to join the working force in may have the most impact on their career choice. During the 20’s through the 30’s America neared the end of it’s industrial revolution where the mainstream worker worked in a factory on the production line. Then we declined in to the Great Depression, where the impoverished class rose exponentially higher compared to the middle class, as the top 1% made the majority of money.

Then there was war, from WWII then to the Korean and Vietnam wars, and a couple decades later we see technology advancing. During Kennedy was in an arms race with the former USSR, advancing us into space exploration, thus launching us to the new age of technology. Opening a new door for many young entrepreneurs to take advantage of this unexplored territory.

Software design is taking a whole new look these past several years, not just in forms of computer software, but now our computers have taken a mobile form and there is an exponential amount of uncharted areas that have yet been exploited in the mobile app development industry.

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